Forgotten Tiszazug – Permanent Exhibition of the Showcase Exhibition

The showcase exhibition created in 2014 is located in the building formerly known as the castellan’s house. The exhibition of the study repository displays the ethnographic and historical collection of the museum, including the rich materials from the acquisitions and researches carried out in Tiszazug since the 1970s. The exhibition displays items that have been hidden from visitors for many decades, as well as ethnographic curiosities, highlights of local history and a number of everyday objects. We do not simply make our collection accessible. By displaying various types of objects together, we intend to encourage visitors to think differently then they would do in a museum presenting individual objects on their own.

Our repository represents a unique and special museum space where a large number of objects from the collection can be displayed as stored. However, it is highly enjoyable as the display cases allow visitors to observe the fine details.