Masters of Yore, Long-ago Crafts – Permanent Exhibition

One of the permanent exhibitions of the Local History Museum is accommodated by the former prison of the Nagykunság district house. The prison itself operated from 1782 to 1958. It is a unique sight on the banks of the Körös river with its gardens and old prison walls. It provides a very special space for our exhibitions with its baroque vaulted corridors and rooms as well as its high ceiling chapel.

Our exhibition is dedicated to the work of craftsmen in Kunszentmárton active at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Each cell of the former prison displays the workshop of a master craftsman. When entering the workshops, visitors have the feeling that the master has just left and can come back any time to continue his work. The exhibition displays a copper-smith workshop, a pottery, a photo studio and a fur-dresser workshop. The visitors also can learn about the work of shoemakers and furriers. The exhibition and its workshops also provide a number of exciting craft activities and museum education classes. In addition to the complete workshop facilities, archaeological finds from different periods excavated in the area are also exhibited.

A virtual tour in our permanent exhibition: